Saturday, August 3, 2013

How to Fix Nexus 4 OTA for 4.3 (Stuck at X logo)

How to fix 4.3 OTA X logo problem on Nexus 4

Great! I bought the Nexus 4 to solve the updates problem. i was so happy :)

A week ago, i got an OTA update about version 4.3, first time i got android update.

Excited, Immediately i confirmed to perform the update. the result was a soft-bricked device stuck at the X logo for (theoretically) eternity.

Frustration began, and i started to Google for days, trying to solve the problem.

I managed to downgrade back to 4.2.2 pretty easy and decided not to give up after Google told me that i need to contact LG problem.... (Thank you for taking responsibility on your own device and not give any official response for that issue!)

Just so you know, the problem is with the baseband, baseband is a software that operate the radio in the device (the one that is responsible for your calls and data).

On some devices, the new baseband is not ways working with the device and it get stuck.

The Solution

So... This is what you need to do in order to make the update work:

1. turn if off, press the turn off button (the on in the right) for along time until the device is off
2. turn it to fastboot mode doing long pressing the turn on button and both volume up and down buttons
3. Now, you will need the android SDK with you (in windows you'll need driver and use fastboot.exe), using cmd, at sdk/platform-tools, do :
  • fastboot oem unlock

4. the device will ask you to confirm that. go to yes and confirm with the power button (no worries, you can bring it back to locked)

Now, download 4.2.2 updates from google:

extract it and put the fastboot file in the directory to the fastboot.exe directory

Now, we will downgrade the radio:

Connect the device to the computer and perform the following steps:
  • fastboot flash radio radio-mako-m9615a-cefwmazm-2.0.1700.48.img
  • fastboot reboot-bootloader

reboot the device and enjoy 4.3 :)

I hope it will help :)


  1. This has happened to me with my new Nexus 4, I'm so upset and this guide didn't work :(

  2. worked for me! I have two Nexus 4. one updated to 4.3 with no issues, another got stuck on the X screen. I followed Adir's advice and it solved the problem. the new radio was causing the problem! try downgrading it.

  3. Henry, did you unlock the nexus 4?

  4. In your post, you write:

    "extract it and put the fastboot file in the directory where the"

    where exactly do I put the fastboot file? You don't finish the sentence.


    1. Thanks for the comment david :) i meant to put the fastboot file where the radio-mako-m9615a-cefwmazm-2.0.1700.48.img file is :)

  5. Hi there, I think you're the man but I dont understand the last part..

    onnect the device to the computer and perform the following steps:

    fastboot flash radio radio-mako-m9615a-cefwmazm-2.0.1700.48.img
    fastboot reboot-bootloader


    1. I think I understand. I should put that info into the CMD, right after blablabla Minimal ABD and Fastboot> right?

  6. Would this process wipe out the data from the phone or retain it ?

    1. it will not wipe out the data...
      it will only update the radio band

  7. Thanks for the tip! This worked for me. However, it did a factory reset on my phone as well for some reason. I only performed the OTA update, and then followed your instructions so not sure why the wipe was performed.

  8. How exactly is this done how do u know where to put what files I don't wanna mess up the phone

  9. Can you tell me exactly how to do this I'm a noon and I have no t mobile data or phone signal whatsoever Google have been useless

  10. Try to use WiFi to download the things :)

  11. Hey.. I have the same problem with my nexus. The other fixes on the net wipe off all my data.. which i dont what to as i dont have a back up of my gallery. Im using a Mac to sync files to my nexus. Please Help..

  12. did everything, still stuck on the X screen... :(

  13. i am still stuck on step 3. i am unable to process. please help.

  14. well now that 4.4 is still have not fix the baseband problem...and downgrading baseband trick doesnt work anymore on 4.4.....r we stuck with 4.2.2 or 4.3 forever?

  15. Wow, everything looks so amazing!
    I absolutely like everything that all of you have mobiles

  16. I did try this out with my Nexus 4 after bricking it updating to 5x and the radio still did not work after these instructions and was causing havok (no reception at all ) to my carrier, but as soon as I did some cleaning in recovery and simply updating everything to 4.3 and used clockwork recovery as my tools , it's all peachy FINALLY - I tried every build down from 5x as well. 4.3 seems to be the one for my nexus 4 e960 . Which really makes no sense with others reporting other results. Is this the world of 'smart' phones??? My first one, but I do like it as it does everything (when working) i need it to do.